Bozhou Marine

Case of Supply to The Water Administration & Supervision
Supply to The Water Administration and Supervision in Jiangsu province, including remote control searchlights, floodlights, navigation signal lights, marine fluorescent lights, pendant work lights and electric connectors, etc.
Searchilights Customized by China Coast Guard
10 sets of 2000W stainless steel electric remote control searchlights were customized by Fujian Coast Guard, and 5 sets were delivered in the first batch.
Bozhou LED Fishing Lamp
Scientific experimental data shows that the best spectrum of the fishing lamp is 490nm.
Our fishing lamp is based on the latest scientific research data, adopts aluminum alloy shell and LED light source, has the advantages of waterproof, energy saving.
Bozhou Marine Searchlights
According to the usage, Bozhou Marine Searchlights are mainly divided into three categories, such as spotlight, floodlight and searchlight.
Bozhou Marine Fluorescent Light
There are several series of fluorescent light in Bozhou Marine, such as explosion-proof fluorescent light, pendant fluorescent light, cabin ceiling fluorescent light, bedside fluorescent lamps, aisle fluorescent lamps, and mirror fluorescent light etc.
Marine Lights Accessary - Diffuser & Guard
Bozhou Marine is the professional manufacturer of marine lights, who has a variety of shell molds and more than 200 different types of lampshade mold in any size.