Bozhou Marine

Marine Light
Case of Supply to The Water Administration & Supervision
Supply to The Water Administration and Supervision in Jiangsu province, including electrical remote control searchlights, floodlights, navigation signal lights, marine fluorescent lights, pendant work lights and marine electric connectors, etc. with the detail as below:

▲ The Water Administration and Supervision in Jiangsu Province, China

▲ Stainless Steel Marine Electrical Remote Control Searchlights / TG26-A

▲ Navigation Signal Lights CXH-11P Series, (Starboard Light, Port Light, Masthead Light, Stern Light, All-round Light)

▲ Stainless Steel Marine Flood Light  / TG4

▲ Aluminium Marine Flood Light / TG17A

▲ Brass Marine Pendant Light / CCD9-5 (Left) & CCD9-2-2

▲ Cabin Fluorescent Ceiling Light / JPY25-2E (Left) & Fluorescent Pendant Light / JCY42-2E (Right)

▲ Kitchen Fluorescent Ceiling Light / JPY21-2E (Left, IMPA 791851) & JPY20-2E (Right)

▲ Corridor Marine Corner Light / JBY20-1E

▲ Marine Button Switch / ZPB-2 (Left), Fire Warning Button / DK7-1(Middle), Navigtion Signal Light / CXH17 (Middle), Nylon Watertight Socket with Switch / CZKF2-2 (Right)