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Searchlight is a kind of device, which has powerful light source and a concave mirror which can focus light on a specific direction, and is used for long-distance lighting and search. With the help of a mirror or lens, the emitted beam can be concentrated in a small solid angle (usually a tool less than 2 degrees) to obtain a larger light intensity. Considering the volume, weight and convenient operation of the device, most of the searchlights are attached with a foot stand or a movable vehicle, and large searchlights even have special trucks as vehicles.
Marine Searchlights             
Marine searchlights are usually installed on both sides of the cab, and the angle of horizontal search illumination is required to be large, so as not to be covered by the superstructure as much as possible. Searchlights are mainly used to search the water surface at night. 

Bozhou Marine Searchlights
According to the usage, Bozhou Marine Searchlights are mainly divided into three categories, such as spotlight, floodlight and searchlight.

In essence, both spotlight and floodlight are used for deck and close sea lighting, there is no strict difference between them. However, in appearance, spotlight is mostly round while floodlight is mostly rectangular, in terms of material, spotlights are mainly made of steel, and floodlights are mainly made of stainless steel.

Searchlight is mainly used for long-distance search, so it has high requirements for light source. Different searchlights will use different light sources according to different operation condition and power requirement. There are metal halide lamp, tungsten halogen lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, mercury xenon lamp and LED light source. The standard of choosing light source for Bozhou Marine is that the intensity of lumen must be high and the light penetration must be strong.

In addition, Bozhou has its own design and development team, and most of the searchlights have applied for national patents. Especially in high-power lighting, zoom and electric wireless remote control technology, are in the industry leading level.

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