Bozhou Marine

Marine Light
Marine Lights Accessary - Diffuser & Guard
Bozhou Marine is the professional manufacturer of marine lights, who has a variety of shell molds and more than 200 different types of lampshade mold in any size,for marine navigation lamp, marine work lamp and marine fluorescent lamp.

▲ Lampshade
 ◆ Material: PC / Glass
 ◆ Color: Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Transparent
 ◆ Size: Ф60 - Ф200 mm
 ◆ Application: Navigation Signal Lamp, Deck and ailse Incandescent Pendant Lamp, Work Lamp.

▲ Guard
 ◆ Material: Steel / PC / Brass
 ◆ Size: Suitable for lampshade

▲Fluorescent Diffuser
 ◆ Material:  PC / Acrylic
 ◆ Color:  Milky / Transparent
 ◆ Style:  Crimping-Style, Groove, Hook-Style, Frustum, Flat, Convex, Concave, Cylinder, Oval, Pentagon, Triangle, D-shape, L-shape, U-Shape,
 ◆ Application:  For Pendant Light, Ceiling Light, Corner Light, Bedside Light, Mirror Light.
 ◆ Size:   Any size can be customized.

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