What Is The Ship Fuel System

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Update time : 2022-12-23 16:18:30

The ship fuel system is a piping system that provides fuel to various equipment on the ship through pipelines and fuel delivery pumps. The system is mainly composed of fuel tank, fuel filter, fuel daily tank, fuel transfer pump, fuel delivery pump, fuel delivery pipeline, control valve and terminal equipment.

Cabin Layout:
Depending on the type, purpose and tonnage of the ship, the location, size and number of fuel tanks on the ship are also different.
In general ships, double bottom tanks, side tanks, topside tanks and deep tanks can be used as fuel tanks.

1. There are two types of piping arrangements for marine fuel system: branch pipe type and main pipe type.
2. The suction pipe in the fuel tank of the ship shall have the function of refueling at the same time.
3. The fuel oil intake port of each fuel oil tank should be arranged at a position that is conducive to fuel oil discharge.
4. The ship's fuel system should install fuel flow meters in a place that is convenient for viewing, so as to facilitate the statistics of daily fuel consumption.
5. The fuel oil system of the ship shall be able to transfer the fuel oil of the fuel oil tanks of the whole ship to, from or to each other.
6. The fuel injection pipe must be equipped with an international shore connection and an oil pan.
7. The ship's fuel system pipeline must be equipped with a hand pump in the transfer pipeline. | Marine Light
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