Marine Navigation Light

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In addition to the need to arrange various lighting lamps in the workplace and cabins on ships, various other lamps must be installed according to the delineation, such as navigation light that indicate the ship's sailing or berthing status; signal lights that indicate that the ship is in a certain state of service. The flashing beacon for light communication; the searchlight for searching the water surface, etc.

1. Masthead Light: white light, installed in front of the fore mast and rear mast. When the length of the ship is less than 45.75 meters, the masthead light is only installed on the main mast. When there are front and rear masthead lights, the distance between the front and back of the two masthead lights is not less than 13.71 meters, and the distance between the two masthead lights is not less than 4.57 meters. The lowest masthead light must be 6.1 meters above the water. The light shines forward, and the horizontal illumination angle is 1125 from the bow to the left and right.

2. Port Light: red light, installed on the port side. The light shines to the front left, the illumination angle is 112.5° from the bow to the port side

3. Starboard Light: green light, installed on the starboard side. The light shines forward to the right, and the illumination angle is 112.5° from the bow to starboard.

4. Stern Light: white light, installed behind the mast or superstructure or tail flag pole. The taillight angle of the light is 67.5° from the tail to the left and the right.
The above four types of navigation lights are equipped with an arc-shaped shield on the outside of the glass cover to make their respective horizontal illumination angles comply with the regulations. On small ships, it is usually a light fixture and a light. Larger modern ships use two-light navigation lights. Once one light is damaged, the other spare light can be turned on immediately

5. Masthead Light: also called "anchor lights". White light, mounted on the top of the mast. The horizontal illumination angle is 360°, and the surrounding signal lights are all 360 surrounding lights. They are installed on both sides of the radar mast or independent signal light poles. There are white, red and green lights to indicate the ship’s homework status.

For example, when a ship makes a U-turn at the Gusu River estuary of the Huangpu River at night, it must turn on one red, green, and white signal light on a unified vertical line as specified. These delimitations vary from place to place. Therefore, multiple red, green and white ring lights are usually installed on both sides of the signal pole to meet the needs of various delimitations.

In the daytime, it is used to express the state of the ship’s homework by hanging a certain hanging body. The hanging body consists of black and red balls, black and white square pyramids, and a combination of two opposite vertices. The black hanging body, the diameter of the circle and the side length of the pyramid are both 0.616 meters. If two hanging bodies are raised at the same time, the distance between them should be 1.83 meters.

Turn on the masthead lights, tail lights and side lights during night sailing. When towing, turn on two masthead lights, taillights and sidelights. If the towing length exceeds 183 meters, 3 masthead lights must be turned on. | Marine Light

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