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Violence in Kosovo

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Author : Bozhou Marine
Update time : 2023-05-30 13:15:00
In Kosovo, about 25 NATO soldiers were injured in violent clashes between NATO soldiers maintaining order and Serb protesters. Serbia said 52 Serbs were injured. The report mentioned that Serbian President Vucic had previously raised the military's combat readiness to the highest level.

Vučić accused Kosovo leader Albin Kurti of creating tension, calling on Kosovo Serbs to avoid clashes with NATO soldiers. On the other hand, Kurti accused Vucic of destabilizing Kosovo.

On the 26th, the mayor of the Serb-inhabited area appointed by the Kosovo authorities and the local pollce tried to forcibly enter the administrative building of the Serb-inhabited area, and clashed with the Serb people gathered in front of the administrative building. The Kosovo pollce used tear gas and shock bombs to violently disperse the Serbs. ethnic people. Local media reported that dozens of people were injured in the clashes. In April local elections in northern Kosovo, ethnic Albanian candidates declared victory with 3.5 percent of the vote. Local Serbs said they would not accept election results that "do not represent their interests".

Serbian President Vucic signed an order on the 26th to raise the combat readiness of the Serbian army to the highest level and order the army to march urgently towards Kosovo. On the 27th, the Serbian National Security Council issued an announcement stating that the Serbian army will continue to maintain the highest combat readiness. During the meeting of the National Security Council, all necessary security measures were agreed to strengthen Serbia's national defense capabilities. | Marine Light

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