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The Situation Of Navigation In The Red Sea

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Author : Bozhou Marine
Update time : 2024-01-11 12:07:13
On January 7th local time, Mohammad Ali Hus é, a senior leader of the Yemeni Hus armed forces, issued a statement stating that as long as ships passing through the Red Sea declared "no relation to Israel (VL NO CONTACT ISRAEL)", they would not be attacked.

Mohammad Ali Hus é, a senior leader of the Yemeni Hus é armed forces, has issued a statement stating that the actions of the Yemeni Hus é armed forces in the Red Sea region are aimed at stopping Israel's aggression and forcing Israel to lift its siege of the Gaza Strip. He criticized, "The United States, Britain, or anyone else who prevents us from intercepting Israeli ships is fulfilling Israel's demands and sheltering Israel's crimes."

He proposed to international shipping companies that every ship passing through the Red Sea, the Strait of Mandela, or the Arabian Sea could declare in advance that "it has no relationship with Israel", "this step does not require the Red Navy to be nationalized, nor will it harm international shipping. With this step, ships can continue to sail safely without any obstacles, avoiding the trouble of bypassing the Cape of Good Hope."

According to the Danish media ShippingWatch, a group of shipping companies sailing in the Red Sea have now reached an agreement with the House armed forces to allow them to pass through this important water area without obstruction. Sources have confirmed that both sides have indeed held a meeting to ensure that specific ships pass through the Red Sea unscathed. It is reported that the requirement of the Hussai armed forces is that, in return, shipping companies must ensure that they do not carry Israeli goods or dock at Israeli ports.

However, Maersk subsequently responded that it had not yet engaged in any negotiations or signed any agreements with the Housai armed forces. Maersk wrote in response to MarketWire's email, "Of course we would not reach such an agreement."

Later, Herbert also denied reaching any agreement with the Yemeni Husai armed forces to promote safe passage of ships through the Red Sea.

At present, the market is speculating whether shipping companies are willing to sign a reciprocal agreement with the Husai armed forces in exchange for shipping freedom. Lars Jensen, CEO of Vespucci Maritime, pointed out that these agreements may be a product of the tense situation in the region. He added, "Rumors about these agreements have been circulating for a long time and they may have a significant impact. This is another example of the geopolitical divide we see."

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