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German Railway Workers On Strike

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Author : Bozhou Marine
Update time : 2024-01-11 11:36:36
It is understood that as early as December, unions voted to allow unrestricted strikes: this is a form of industrial action with no clear end date, which may drag on longer than the usual 24-hour warning strike.

GDL and DB are embroiled in a heated debate over salary and conditions, with the union demanding a monthly salary increase of 555 euros, an inflation bonus of 3000 euros, and a change in weekly working hours from 38 hours to 35 hours.

At the same time, DB proposed an 11% salary increase, but has so far refused to negotiate on the issue of working hours.

According to GDL leader Claus Weselsky, negotiations on the length of work weeks are a prerequisite for avoiding further strikes.

At the same time, farmers across Germany have also paralyzed transportation throughout the country since January 8th, in protest against the government's cancellation of farmer subsidies! At that time, hundreds or even thousands of tractors will be driving on highways and highways.

It is reported that this farmer protest may continue until April, and many cities in Germany have issued warnings of major road traffic restrictions. The pollce expect serious traffic disruption throughout Germany!

The double strike of German railway workers and farmers from all over the country may lead to the paralysis of transportation in Germany!

A freight forwarding company has issued an urgent notice stating that from January 8th to 15th, due to large-scale demonstrations and protests, important transportation points such as federal highways, highway entrances, and industrial zone entrances will be blocked. Protests may cause delays in the transportation of goods! | Marine Light
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