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Qatar Lusail Stadium - Made in China

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Update time : 2022-11-21 10:55:55

The 2022 Qatar World Cup will kick off on November 20. This is a four-year carnival for fans all over the world. The main stadium of the World Cup, the Lusail Stadium, was built by a Chinese company as the general contractor of design and construction.

The opening of the World Cup is coming soon, "Made in China" shines in Qatar.

The Lusail Stadium is the main stadium of the World Cup in Qatar and will host 10 games including the final. It can accommodate 80,000 spectators and is the largest stadium in Qatar. This is the first World Cup stadium project undertaken by a Chinese enterprise as the general contractor of design and construction, breaking the monopoly position of European and American countries in the industry.

The Lusail Stadium appears in the pattern of banknotes, which is the first time that "Made in China" has appeared on Qatari currency.

Chinese companies have created many industry records in the process of building the Lusail Stadium: the world's largest single-span double-layer cable-net roof building, the world's first World Cup main stadium project that deeply applies building information modeling technology throughout its life cycle, and is also China's first stadium project. The largest and most technologically advanced professional football field undertaken by the company overseas.

Hassan Al-Sawadi, Secretary-General of Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee: Lusail Stadium is our largest World Cup stadium, which can accommodate 80,000 spectators. It has the most complex facade and roof structure. The successful completion of this complex stadium proves the technical capabilities and service levels of Chinese companies.

Chinese companies also participated in the construction of several other World Cup stadiums in Qatar. The main steel structure project of the Education City Stadium is constructed by a Chinese enterprise, and the containers used in the 974 stadium are also made in China.

Not only the construction of the stadium, but also the construction of Qatar's "Fans Village" by Chinese companies. With a land area of ​​just over 11,000 square kilometers, Qatar is the host country with the smallest land area in the history of the World Cup. In order to solve the problem of accommodation for fans, Qatar has ingeniously used container houses to establish a "fan village".

The "Free Zone Fan Village" is located in the south of Doha, the capital of Qatar, and is the largest fan village built for the World Cup. The container houses in this fan village are all made in China. According to Qatar, Chinese companies have provided more than 10,000 container houses for the World Cup in Qatar, mainly from Guangdong and Zhejiang. Qatar is very satisfied with the quality of the container houses produced in China.
Chinese enterprises tailor-made buses for Qatar World Cup.

In the field of transportation, Chinese manufacturing has also entered the World Cup in Qatar. In 2020, the buses produced by Chinese companies successfully won the bid for the Qatar World Cup service vehicle project. With subsequent orders, Qatar will import about 1,500 buses from China, including 888 pure electric buses.

In view of Qatar's environmental characteristics of high temperature and heavy sandstorms, Chinese companies have specially developed and optimized suitable models, innovatively designed air conditioners and power batteries, and equipped with sediment protection structures to fully adapt to the local environmental conditions and ensure that they can compete in the World Cup. Smooth and efficient operation during the period. | Marine Light

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