Features of Marine Lights

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Update time : 2022-09-23 09:51:11
Marine light is a general term for lighting lamps specially used on ships, such as fishing boats, oil tankers, cruise ships. The production of marine lights has a set of strict standards.

  1. Better Waterproof Sealing.

The first technical requirement for marine lamps is to achieve a strict waterproof level and be able to resist the safety risks brought by various harsh environments, such as precipitation in heavy rain, strong wind and waves splashing water; whether it is a fishing boat or a freighter, it is an open-air operation in the marine environment. If the sealing is not good, in rainy days or even heavy rains, it is easy to lose the function of the lamps and even cause accidents. Therefore, rubber sealing rings are often used in marine lamps to increase the waterproof sealing.

  2. Sturdy & Durable

Many marine lamps are installed on the deck and are directly exposed to the humid and high salinity air in the marine environment, so marine lamps must have a certain degree of corrosion resistance;
In addition, when ships are sailing or berthing, they always sway with the waves, so qualified marine lamps must have good mechanical impact resistance, which is the same as waterproof performance. When designing lamps and lanterns, it must be taken into consideration in advance.
The sailing cycle after the ship leaves the port is usually one month or even several months. If the lamp is broken, it means that it is not easy to replace, which may affect the subsequent sailing. Therefore, when designing and manufacturing marine lamps, structures with good impact resistance and materials with good corrosion resistance are used, and chemical coatings are often sprayed on the surface of the lamps to ensure that the marine lamps have a relatively long service life. .

  3. Civil Decorative Lights V.S. Marine Lights

Civil decorative lamps are mainly reflected in the decorative effect. The use of decorative lamps as a whole is to create different atmospheres with different environments. For example, bars will use some soft light, and shopping malls will use some bright light;
Marine lamps are mainly reflected in the practicability of lighting. The sea at night is very dark, so marine lamps are required to have high brightness, so as to facilitate the crew to work on the deck, or to see the water surface near the ship, so as not to be caused by insufficient light. Accident;
Because most of the civil decorative lamps are indoors, there is no requirement for the waterproof and anti-corrosion requirements of the lamps themselves, but more attention is paid to the shape and color of the lamps themselves; while marine lamps have to face the harsh environment of the ocean, so they pay more attention to the waterproof performance and anti-corrosion of the lamps themselves. | Marine Light

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