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Shipping Costs From China To the United States Have Risen by 500%

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Author : Bozhou Marine
Update time : 2021-09-02 13:23:12

Compared with the same period last year, freight rates from China to the United States have increased by 500%, and the freight rate for 40-foot containers has already exceeded US$10,000.

At present, when sea containers are shipped from my country's ports, the freight rate has increased on a large scale. It is not uncommon for a 40-foot container to ship to the United States with a freight of 20,000 US dollars.
Such high freight rates have increased by a full 500% compared to last year. In fact, not only the freight rates between China and the United States have increased on a large scale, but the freight rates between China and Europe have also increased to a certain extent. The freight rate for 40-foot containers has already exceeded US$10,000.

According to the latest report of The Paper on August 17, the value of a single cabinet of Chinese furniture imported from the United States is basically equivalent to ocean freight, and some are even 10% more expensive than ocean freight.

The high freight charges have forced some importers to hesitate to place orders.

According to the announcement of the global shipping giant Maersk, the "shortage of containers" in global trade is now very serious. Especially for the international routes from China to North America, 40-foot containers are extremely short.

"Some foreign trade companies report that due to the shortage of containers, the uncertainty of the export of goods has increased, the goods have been backlogged for several months, and the financial pressure is very large. Other companies have reported that they have not dared to accept orders due to the long freight cycle." Ministry of Commerce International Trade and Economics Tian Yuan, associate researcher of the Cooperative Research Institute, said.

In addition, some relevant people pointed out that the new crown epidemic has brought a huge impact to global trade, as well as inefficiency due to old port equipment and shortage of personnel; severe weather such as typhoons along the coast of China, wildfires and hurricanes in North America have also contributed to the flames. effect.
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