Ship Fire Protection System

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Although the ship floats on the water, it is also prone to fires, and every fire is very dangerous. When it is serious, the entire crew can only abandon the ship and flee.

The ship fire protection system is a protection facility designed and installed to improve ship safety and prevent ship fire, and is an important part of the ship.

The ship fire fighting system is composed of fire extinguishing medium and medium supply equipment, medium transmission pipeline, control valve and terminal equipment. When a fire occurs, the power equipment supplies the fire extinguishing medium to the fixed pipeline, and then the terminal equipment sprays the fire source to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing.

The setting of the fire fighting system of a ship is determined according to the purpose of the ship and the type of power plant. Generally, more than two fire fighting methods are required.

Fire extinguishing methods can be divided into inert gas, foam, water, etc. according to the different media used.

For general fires, use high pressure water jets and dry chemical:

  Water Jets

When the water comes into contact with the combustibles, it evaporates into steam, thereby absorbing a large amount of heat, reducing the temperature of the combustibles and extinguishing them.
At the same time, water vapor also has the effect of isolating oxygen.
The high-pressure water column not only cools the outside of the burning material, but also penetrates it so that re-burning cannot occur.

The water fire extinguishing system is used
to extinguish the fires in the engine room, dry cargo compartment, living compartment and public compartment;
to extinguish the fires in the open-air parts such as decks, platforms, superstructures, and other ships and dock buildings;
after all, there is sufficient water on the sea surface, by the way Excess water can also be used to rinse decks and cool down;

  Dry Chemical

For oil and liquefied gas parts to catch fire, dry powder, inert gas foam, etc. should be used, and water should not be used, because the density of water is higher than that of oil, and oil and other chemical substances will float on the water;

At the same time, the viscosity of water is smaller than that of oil, which will accelerate the spread of fire, expand the affected area, and increase the difficulty of fighting;

Even if electrical equipment is on fire, water cannot be used, because impure water is an electrolyte solution, which will conduct electricity and cause a short circuit in the power system, causing other disasters. | Marine Light
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