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Nepal Announces Prohibition of TikTok

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Author : Bozhou Marine
Update time : 2023-11-16 14:53:55
On November 13th, the Associated Press reported that Nepal has announced a ban on TikTok, claiming it undermines social harmony.

The Nepalese government decided on Monday to ban the popular social media application TikTok, claiming that it undermines the country's "social harmony". The news was announced after a cabinet meeting. Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saudi stated that the application will be immediately banned. It is currently unclear what triggered the ban and whether TikTok has refused to comply with Nepal's requirements.

TikTok did not comment on this matter, but previously stated that such bans were "misleading" and based on "misunderstanding".

Previously, according to Nepalese media reports, the Nepalese government announced a series of operational instructions for online social media this month. The directive lists 19 items of content that are not suitable for online dissemination and requires social media platforms to review the content posted by registrants to avoid such content appearing online. | Marine Light

The Nigerian government also requires that all foreign social media platforms operating in Nepal must establish a liaison office locally to strengthen the Nigerian government's restrictions and controls on the dissemination of specific content. In addition, all users of social media platforms in Nepal must register under their real name.
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