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Libya Devastated By Hurricane

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Author : Bozhou Marine
Update time : 2023-09-13 16:19:27

On September 11, local time, the Mediterranean hurricane "Daniel" swept through the northeastern Libyan city of Derna. Severe flooding occurred in Derna, causing the destruction of houses in coastal towns. Thousands of people were probably killed and about 10,000 people were missing.

Ramadan, head of the Libyan delegation of the International Faderation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, told reporters via video link from Tunisia on the 12th: "We can confirm from our independent information sources that the number of missing people has so far reached 10,000. Ramadan said the death toll was huge and could reach thousands.

According to reports, the hurricane and heavy rains destroyed two local dams, causing the dams to collapse. The floods destroyed bridges and buildings along the way, and the city of Derna was almost completely destroyed.

A Libyan official said that after the dam burst, the eastern Libyan city of Derna was hit by devastating floods. About a quarter of the area was washed away by the floods, killing about 5,200 people.

Authorities later declared a state of extreme emergency in the city of Derna, closing schools and shops and imposing a curfew.

Libya has a population of over 6 million, and after more than a decade of conflict, its infrastructure has been severely damaged.
After the Gaddafi regime was overthrown in 2011, the two major forces in Libya were divided and faced off. The Government of National Accord and the armed forces that support it control the capital Tripoli and other western regions; the National Congress, allied with the "National Army", controls the eastern and central regions, major southern cities, and some western cities.

It is currently difficult to count the complete death toll because the state of opposition between the regimes has hindered post-disaster relief efforts and communications have not yet been restored to the worst-hit areas of Derna city.

According to the Libyan National Meteorological Center, rainfall caused by Hurricane Daniel reached 400 mm/hour, the highest record in the past 40 years. On the 11th, Libyan Presidential Council Chairman Manfi declared Derna, Bayda and Shehat as disaster areas. The country mourned for three days and called for international rescue.

The United Nations Mission in Libya said in a statement that it is paying close attention to the disaster in Libya and will provide support and assistance to the affected people. | Marine Light
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