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Hurricane Beryl

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Update time : 2024-07-10 09:39:51
As of 9:06 am Eastern Time on July 8th, a total of 1361 flights have been cancelled and 1014 flights have been delayed. United Airlines and Southwest Airlines have issued travel warnings, stating that Hurricane Beryl has affected flights at airports in Austin, Corpus Christie, Harrington, and Houston, Texas.

  121 counties in a state have entered a state of disaster

According to data released by the US power tracking website, as of the morning of the 8th, over 1.53 million users in Texas have experienced power outages.

As Beryl moves inland into the United States, heavy rainfall, storm surges, tornadoes, and gusts will continue to sweep through much of eastern Texas. Currently, 121 counties in Texas are in a state of disaster. Texas Acting Governor Dan Patrick called on the people of Texas to make final preparations to protect their personal and property safety. Over 480000 users in Texas have experienced power outages.

According to CNN, Hurricane Beryl advanced inland in southeastern Texas on Monday morning, bringing extreme rainfall and flash floods to densely populated areas such as Houston and Galveston. The local weather forecast center said, "It is expected that there will be large-scale flash floods, causing life-threatening effects, and some major metropolitan areas, including near Houston/Galveston, will face special risks in the coming hours."

  Subway suspended, port closed

The Houston Metro Company stated in a statement that local buses and subways will be suspended from service. In addition, all parking and transfer services will be suspended. The Houston Metro Company stated, "The subway company is committed to ensuring the safety of customers and employees. Staff will monitor the situation at night and in the early morning, as conditions permit, to restore service as soon as possible."

The main ports in Texas have ceased operations. According to a statement, ports in Houston, Galveston, Freeport, and Texas City have been affected and are required to take action, such as stopping all cargo and refueling operations. Among them, Texas City and Freeport are the main oil and refined oil transportation hubs along the Gulf Coast of the United States.

The closure of ports has resulted in the temporary suspension of crude oil and liquefied natural gas exports, oil transportation to refineries, and transportation of automotive fuel to these factories. Warren Patterson, head of commodity strategy at Dutch International Group in Singapore, said in a report: "Although hurricanes will put some offshore oil and gas production at risk, what is concerning when the storm makes landfall is that it may have a potential impact on refinery infrastructure." He added that any prolonged shutdown of refineries would create a negative impact on crude oil and be beneficial for refined products. | Marine Light
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