Yacht Marine Navigation Light LED DC12V 24V 2W | E011005

Item No.: E011005-WH / E011005-BK
Feature:  LED, signal light for yacht or up to 12 meters vessel
Temperature: -20℃ to 45℃
Material: Plastic
Protection Level:  IP66
Voltage/Power: DC10-30V / 2W

 Item Code  Item Name
 Level Arc
 E011005-WH  Starboard Lights(Green), Port Light(Red)  1n.m  112.5°  White  15*0.2W
 E011005-BK  Starboard Lights(Green), Port Light(Red)  1n.m  112.5°  Black  15*0.2W
 Working Life  For 1000 Hours, Lumen Maintenance Percentage > 90%
*Remarks: This light is for type "Z",The external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire can't be replaced; if the cord is damaged, the luminaire shell will be destroyed.