SUS304 Remote Control Searchlight Xenon 2000W | TZ2-A

Item No.: TZ2-A / TZ3-A / TZ4-A
Application: For night navigation, rescue, warning and other long-distance search;
Certification: ABS / CCS
Patent:  ZL 2014 2 0804513.3  /  ZL 2015 2 0410378.9
              ZL 2015 2 0410358.1  /  ZL 2015 2 0410386.3
Material:  Stainless Steel + Tempered Glass
Protection Class:  IP55      Cable: Φ10- Φ16
Range:  Horizontally 350°,up and down ±30°
Annex: With Controller and Ballest
Szie: Φ521 x W415 x H1110mm
Description Photo


◆ Equipped with spherical tempered glass reflector and focal length adjusting device, which can flexibly adjust the focal length up and down, back and forth, with high brightness and long search distance;
◆ There is micro motor in the bottom, which can rotate the lamp body horizontally by 350° horizontally and pitch 30°;
◆ The remote control focusing function is added, and the rotation speed is set to switch between fast and slow, which is convenient to accurately irradiate the target
◆ Two exhaust systems are installed to effectively reduce the lamp body temperature.

 Type  Voltage  Power  Lanp Holder  Illuminant  Luminous flux  Annex  Weight
 TZ2-A  DC110V  AC220V  2,000W  Special  Sphericity mercury xenon light  120,000  Controller & Ballast  96 KGS
 TZ3-A  DC110V  AC220V  3,000W  G38  Tungsten halogen light  52,800  Controller & Ballast  78 KGS
 TZ4-A  DC110V  AC220V  3,000W  Special  Sphericity mercury xenon light  180,000  Controller & Ballast  98 KGS

* Remarks - When under voltage DC110V, a distributor box is nececessary, please indicate when ordering.
Searchlight TZ2-A Xenon 2000W