Stainless Steel Marine Flood Light 100-230V E40/500W R7s/1000W | TG67

Item No.: TG67-C500, TG67-C1000
Application: Suitable for ship, charf, dock, plaza, tunnel and building etc.
Material:  - Body: Stainless Steel
                - Lampshade: Tempered Glass
                - Reflector: Anodizing Aluminian Plate
Feature: Good sealing performance and strong anti-corrosion ability
Adjustion Angle: Up 90°, Down 45°
Certificate: CCS
Protection Class: IP67
Cable : Φ12- Φ14
Size: L390 x W145 x H340mm  |  Weight: 5.5 KGS
Description Photo

 Type  Power  Lamp Holder  Illuminant  Luminous flux/ Lm  Annex
 TG67-C500  110V220V / 500W  E40  Tungsten Halogen light  8,500  Illuminant Type- JTT
 TG67-C1000  110V220V / 1000W  R7S  Tungsten Halogen light  22,000  Illuminant Type- R7S
  Flood Light TG67