IMPA 792171 - 792174 60W Explosion Proof Portable Light | CFS1

Item No.: IMPA 792171-792174 / CFS1
Feature: Seal structure, high waterproof performance and corrosion resistance performance, fitting for temporary work site lighting such as ship maintenance, loading and unloading cargo etc.
Standard: GB3836-2000, GB12045, EN50014, EN50018, EN60079
Material: Rubber + Toughened Glass + Steel Guard
Protection Class: IP56
Ex Code:  Exd IIA T2
Voltage: 220V24V  |  Power: 60W
Lamp Holder:  E27  |  Cable:  Φ8- Φ10
Size: Φ162 x L354 mm  |  Weight: 2.7 KGS
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  IMPA 792171 - 792174 / CFS1