IMPA 792014 Steel Marine Spotlight E40 100-230V 500W | TG2-A

Item No.: IMPA 792014 / TG2-A, TG2-B
Application: For ship, port dock, station and plaza etc.
Protection Class: IP55
Material:  Body: Steel
                Lampshade:  Tempered glass
                Reflector: Aluminium plate
Feature: Horizontally rotated for 180°,  pitching for 120°
Voltage: 110V/220V - 500W
Lamp Holder: E40    Cable: Φ10- Φ12
Size: L395 x W395 x H615 mm  |  Weight: 11 KGS
Remarks: TG2-A without guard, TG2-B with guard.
Description Photo
  IMPA 792014 / Spotlight TG2-B


TG2-B (with guard)