Exs II T4 Aluminum Air Driven 4.0-8.0 Bar Halogen Beam 24V 250W Explosion Proof Pendant Light | BH250B

Item No.: BH250B
Type: Halogen Bulb Air Driven Light
Material:  Aluminium + Tempered Glass / Brass + Tempred Glass
Ex Code:  Exs II T4/DIP A21 TA,T4 Gb
Protection Class:  IP67
Voltage: 24V  |  Power: 250W  |  Illuminou: Halogen Bulb
Power: Compressed Air Driver
Pressure: 4.0-8.0 Bar  |  Consumption: <0.6m³/min
Operation Temperature: -20° to +50°
Szie: Φ220 x H221mm


◆ Applicable Conditions - For Explosion gas  area ( Zone 1 and Zone 2)and explosion dust area (Zone 21 and Zone 22) operature tmperature from -20° to +50°, suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC, temperation from T1 to T6.

 Explosion proof solution - Due to the special structure of the lamp body, the following solutions are adopted to avoid being ignited. First, air flows into the lamp and produces an overpressure before it flows into the generator housing. If the lamp shade or protective glass is damaged, the air will flow out first, and the generator will stop working immediately to avoid open fire. Exhaust air to prevent the penetration of explosive gas in the lamp, and can cool the lamp body temperature.

◆ Attention - Air must be clean and dry, water hoses must be anti-static.

 Material  Beam Type  Power  Output  Worklife  Weight
 Brass Nickel-plating  Beam lamp / Pa103  24V / 250W  6,000-9,000Lm  >10,000 hours  13.5 KGS
 Aluminium Nickel-plating  Beam lamp / Pa103  24V / 250W  6,000-9,000Lm  >10,000 hours  8.0 KGS