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The most powerful marine engine in the world | RT flex96C

Wärtsilä, this Finnish company was founded in 1834 and is a world-leading power system company. It has been providing land and offshore power systems and services for 180 years, and its operations include power plants and ships Three areas of power and maintenance services.

Wärtsilä provides in-line and V-shaped medium-speed engines ranging from 4-cylinder (4L20) to 20-cylinder (20V46F). Low-speed engines are configured from 5-cylinder (5RT-flex35) to 14-cylinder (14RT-flex96C). 

At present, the largest diesel engine in the world is the 14-cylinder RT-flex96C two-stroke diesel engine (Wartsila Sulzer RT-flex96C) manufactured by Wärtsilä. It is an economical propulsion system tailored for large, high-speed container ships, suitable for container ships of 3000 to 10,000 TEU or larger with a speed of about 25 knots.

14 cylinders, single cylinder displacement 1820 liters, single cylinder power 7780 horsepower. The 14-cylinder engine has 108,920 horsepower (102 rpm). The whole machine weighs 2300 tons. Using heavy oil, the thermal efficiency reaches 50% (generally 25%-30% for car engines). Under the best efficiency conditions, it consumes 6400 liters of fuel per hour. The world's first 14-cylinder low-speed marine diesel engine was installed on the "Emma Maersk" large container ship and put into use. This is the world's largest low-speed marine diesel engine developed by Wärtsilä Diesel Engine Company. It is also the world's first 14-cylinder low-speed marine diesel engine. The successful construction of this aircraft has achieved a major breakthrough in marine propellers. The engine is a 14-cylinder RT-flex96C marine diesel engine with a continuous output of 80080 kilowatts and a speed of 102 rpm. It is 27.3 meters long, 13.5 meters high, and weighs 2300 tons. It is suitable for a new generation of large container ships.

According to reports, the traditional low-speed marine diesel engine has a maximum of 12 cylinders. In recent years, as ships have become increasingly large, ship owners have proposed the need for more powerful diesel engines. Wärtsilä proposed a plan to increase the power to 80080 kilowatts by using 13-cylinder and 14-cylinder engines, and introduced an improved 14-cylinder RT-flex96C diesel engine based on the RTA96C diesel engine, which is a 12-cylinder RT-flex96C diesel engine. The 14-cylinder engine adopts the perfect RT-flex common rail technology, which improves the rigidity, reduces the structural stress, has good reliability, safety and durability, and has the advantages of more convenient maintenance than similar models. So far, more than 300 RT-flex96C and RTA96C diesel engines have been put into use and have received orders worldwide.

RT-flex96C is 27.3 meters long (equivalent to 6 family cars queuing up), 13.5 meters high (equivalent to a four-and-a-half-story residential building), and weighs 2,300 tons (according to data, the new 10,000 yuan note is about 115 grams, 2300 The ton is equivalent to 200 billion RMB). RT-flex96C rotates at 102 rpm, the maximum output power per cylinder is 5720 kilowatts, the total power reaches 80080 kilowatts, and the fuel consumption per hour is 6,400 liters. That is to say, if you use it for one hour of oil for your car, it can go around the earth. Two laps.


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